13 February 2014

Mozartkugeln - Mirabell [review by@NLi10]

Sweets bought on holiday to bring back to work tend to be of a very low quality and not worth the rush to the supply.  This one was different, not only did it come in its own special tub and foil, but there's a bit of history behind it.

These MozartKugeln (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozartkugel) are an Austrian treat which has been around for ages and claims to be the worlds first perfectly spherical chocolates! This variety is not the original original which can only be bought in specific shops where it is hand made but an original factory made modern version to the same recipie.

The green in the middle is pistachio marzipan!

Ok - so granted my picture isn't as perfect cut as the ones on the Wiki Page but I was hungry and short on knives.  The flavours do mingle well together, you do get a good sense of the different layers in the textures too.  They are just a little too large to pop in and chew which encourages the exploration of the different layers. It's all very sweet and luxurious and I don't think you could eat many of these in a sitting without discomfort. Fortunately this is a perfect little souvoneer and was a welcome afternoon treat at work today.

Definitely one to bring back from any Austrian ski trips!


Anonymous said...

Hi there:) I actually bought these delicious chocolates from Aldi during the post Christmas clear out and they are definitely an interesting take on marzipan and chocolate;) I also love the double layer of milk/dark chocolate surrounding the centre! So, aldi is a good place to look if you ever fancy these again...

Anonymous said...

Aldi sell a version of these in December (£1.99), which I usually buy for my family at Christmas. I am told they compare favourably with those bought directly from Austria. I hate marzipan so can't comment from experience!