18 February 2014

Milky Way Magic Stars Hot Chocolate (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

Okay so I admit it, I’m going through a bit of a hot chocolate phase at the minute. Sometimes I don’t touch the drink for months, others times I seem to be buying something new to try every week. This weeks product that caught my eye was this pouch of hot chocolate based on Milky Way Magic Stars. The picture even clearly shows them in the contents, although they do dissolve into the drink, rather than float to the top or sprinkle on.
This reminded me of a friend at work who visited Belgium, she said when she ordered a hot chocolate there they gave her a cup of hot milk and a dish with grated chocolate so she could just add what she liked to it. It is a lovely pure idea for a drink!

I popped 3 teaspoons of the powder/chocolate concoction into my mug, and the Magic Stars were clearly visible at the bottom. I then filled the mug with cold milk and microwaved it until it was good and hot, and then gave it a good stir. It mixed up easily. The packet said to pour on hot milk, but my method worked really well and was easier to make.
The drink is lovely and sweet and flavoursome enough to even satisfy my sweet tooth. It did have that sweet chocolatey flavour like Magic Stars, but was also creamy. To be honest I was impressed by the taste, I was half expecting to be topping up the flavour with a spoonful of instant, as I do crave a proper chocolate boost. I often make hot chocolate, sip it and then return to the kitchen to enhance the flavour, I am seriously fussy! This drink was spot on though, despite the fact it only required three teaspoons of powder.
It is a soothing drink, and one that will appeal to those of us with a sweet tooth and a love of the Milky Way chocolates. I would have loved it if they had included some sprinkles for the top - for that extra indulgence.
Oh yes, there is still one more pack of new hot chocolate sitting in the Foodstuff Finds cupboard - so don’t think the reviews on the subject will be running dry any time soon! ;-)
By Cinabar

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