12 February 2014

Artisan Biscuits - Chocolate and Raspberry Infused Flavour [By @SpectreUK]

Looking at the smart traditionally designed box I noticed the not so subtle references to tea. There was a fairly large teapot image on the front of the box, a variety of tea drinking quotes, a suggestion to eat these biscuits whilst drinking Asam Tea, and if that wasn't enough in Capitol letters it stated "Biscuits for tea". I'm a big tea drinker and like a biscuit in the afternoon with my good strong brew. I opted for a mug of Chai Latte with these Chocolate and Raspberry all-butter biscuits. They were hand baked by Artisan Biscuits in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The Chai Latte was simply because I was concerned that a sweet fruity flavour such as raspberry could interfere with my drinking enjoyment. The Chai Latte is a milky spiced drink that I sometimes consider a pudding in it's own right, especially after a good filling dinner.

On bursting open the silvery inner packet there was a strong sumptuous smell of raspberry and baked biscuit. I loved the Elegant English logo embossed on every brown coloured oval biscuit. The simple yet effective design screamed quality. The biscuits had a good hearty crunch, but certainly not tooth-breaking. The flavour infused biscuits had a dominant raspberry flavour with a light touch of milky chocolate throughout the taste. These baked biscuits left an almost joyous aftertaste that begged the taste buds for another biscuit and another after that and so on... I've never been a big fan of fruit flavoured biscuits, and I have tried a few in the past with mixed results, but I must say that these Artisan Biscuits are top notch Old Bean, especially with a good brew!

Information on the box;
The 125g box contained fourteen thinly sliced brown biscuits. Per 100g there was 516 calories, with 23.8g of fat and 26g of sugar. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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