2 February 2014

Marechal Pistachio / Old Palace, Marrakech [review by @NLi10]

Here we have another holiday from Morroco, today at an old palace in Marrakech, and on our only day of glorious sunshine! On the same visit to a kiosk shop I picked up a pistachio Marechal as it was different to stuff I've seen before and we love pistachios.

Look at all that lovely green goo inside, perfect for a hot day. Well a sunny and mildly warm day - even the desert region isn't as hot in January.

See - now that's a pr shot lovely sun.  Unfortunately inside the bar isn't as impressive, the bright green goo is just a dull brown smudge in reality. Tasty but not of pistachios. The chocolate adds to the flavour and the spongy cake was filling enough and satisfied us both. Again not something I need to buy frequently but a nice treat when out.

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