20 March 2014

Special K Multi-grain Porridge with Red Berries [review by @NLi10]

This is part 3 in a round up of various porridges I've eaten recently.  Part one was the 10K hours apple & cinnamon porridge  and part two was the Dorset Cereals Raspberry Porridge.

Part three is actually about the porridges that started it all off.  Kelloggs got in touch and asked whether I'd like free cereal - specifically small sachets of porridge.  Thinking I could make these easily at work I said yes, only to discover that I needed a lot more than just a kettle!  See the Dorset review for all the details, but essentially you need a microwave, fresh milk and some patience.

Here is the mix pre-taking it downstairs to be microwaved.  Note that this time I didn't follow the timings exactly as I watched it like a hawk and every time it went to bubble over the top I stopped and let it shrink again.  I still need to invest in a bowl...

And here is the finished article.  Again it looks like a tiny portion and while isn't as filling as the other two is enough for a light breakfast or a nice evening snack.  The flavour isn't as strong and certainly isn't as sweet (and given the nature of the product neither of these are a surprise) but the texture is very satisfying and not mushy.  It's a nice porridge and like the others gives the office a good homely smell that confuses visitors.

Being the cheapest of the options, and the healthiest I think this is easy to recommend for people looking for the basic option. The simplest of the three to make and easily the most flavourful was the 10K but at three or four times the cost it's not something you'd have every day.  The one I'd probably automatically go for though is the Dorset as it's just a little bit more like a treat.  As i'm essentially only eating these on days I work late it pays to have a little incentive to keep you going and the extra fruit (and probably sugar) is most welcome.

That said I'm working my way through the Special K three flavours too (the plain is plainer, and the honey and almond is sweeter) and enjoying them all.  I was not really a big fan of porridge in the morning as hot breakfasts are better on a plate than a bowl, but after these I may be willing to slot them in as a pre-bedtime snack cereal if I can find space in the cupboard.

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