9 March 2014

Fuel your 10K Hours - Apple & Cinnamon instant porridge - Asda [review by @NLi10]

I've been buying a lot of instant porridge style snacks recently.  I haven't managed to review many of them because I haven't managed to eat many of them!  You see my thinking was that I could just throw some hot water into them like a pot noodle and then have a lovely afternoon snack.  I don't enjoy porridge for breakfast, but do like it as a late evening thing and thought I could move it to a  work snack slot.  

Unfortunately most of them require milk and a microwave.  This turns it from a simple spontaneous act into a complicated set of tasks.  The nearest microwave is two floors below me, and we never have a decent supply of communal milk so I'd have to buy it on the way in - and the two shops nearest my office don't even sell milk! 

My third attempt at this I picked up this FUEL Apple and Cinnamon as not only did it have a flavour I like, it was a brand I've reviewed with success before and it was also on sale and didn't require a bowl.  On the back it said it only required boiling water up to the fill line - hurrah!

Similar to this Special K porridge that Cinabar has written about I just clicked the kettle on and filled it like I would a noodle.  The texture looks a bit odd in the photo, but it turned out all right.  There were hard, sweet apple bits and a reasonable grainy texture to the porridge.  Sure, it's not home made fresh on the stove, but it really did hit the spot and was surprisingly filling for such a small amount.

The Dorset & Special K sachet varieties that I have specify milk and microwaves so I shall have to sort all that out before I do their proper reviews, but I did quite enjoy this one.  I think that due to the water only set up it is more expensive than the regular porridges but I guess you pay for convenience.


Georgina said...

you should try m&s golden syrup porridge yum yum and only needs water!

Anonymous said...

I usually buy the leading brand of porridge which comes in satchets but I seen this new make of porridge by FUEL I bought the apple and cineman flavour looking forward to tasting this the following morning. I was disappointed the porridge was tastless so after paying £2 for ten sachets I will go back to my favourate make and they do have flavour and taste. So you people out there don't expect above mediocre porridge. Two stars only.

cinabar said...

I have seen cocoa pops porridge in waitrose - yum!