29 March 2014

McVitie's Fruit Rolls Apple and Strawberry (Sainsburys) [By @SpectreUK]

The fruit rolls I'm most accustomed to are fig rolls. In fact I've been eating fig rolls since I can remember starting to eat biscuits. In fact fig rolls are amongst my favourite biscuits next to Jam Sandwiches, ginger biscuits and of course Jaffa Cakes (though I'm never quite sure if they really are biscuits!?) My favourite brand of fig rolls is produced by the legendary Lyons. They might come in different packets in Asda and Sainsburys, but I think they are still made by Lyons. Another famous biscuit maker is of course McVitie's. Cinabar found these two new flavours of Fruit Rolls and asked me if I would blog about them. I agreed at once. Such is the taxing life of a food blogger...

Apple Fruit Rolls

There was a baked biscuity and sweet apple smell on pealing back the green outer packet. Twelve slim ridge cut golden baked biscuits with a pureed green apple filling were revealed in a plastic container. The biscuits had a light crunchy texture with sweet juicy apple filling. I found these biscuits lovely and flavoursome, healthy feeling and certainly moreish. Before I knew what had happened six biscuits had disappeared in quick succession and there was no excuse, because I was the only person in the room at the time of eating! These biscuits have a pleasant unintrusive flavour to them like my favourite fig rolls. I'd recommend you try these with a lightly spiced afternoon tea in the garden with a good book on a sunny afternoon.

Information on the packet;

Per 17g biscuit there was 65 calories, with 1.4g of fat and 7.4g of sugar. See photograph for ingredients.

Strawberry Fruit Rolls

On opening the red outer packet there was a pure sweet strawberry smell, almost completely dwarfing the baked biscuit odour. There was another twelve slim ridge cut golden baked biscuits in the inner plastic container, but this time they had a dark pinkish filling. The outer biscuit had the same light crunchy texture as the apple fruit rolls, but with a shock attack of pure strawberry flavour once I'd bitten through the biscuit, and then my taste buds went back to the baked biscuit flavour to remind me that I was eating a biscuit rather than a sweet strawberry. Again I found these biscuits very moreish and another six disappeared from view rather quickly, which left me feeling more than a little piggish. These explosive strawberry biscuits would be a good snack after a picnic on a sunny day sat on the beach or in a park somewhere. I can just imagine saying; "Pass the Scotch Eggs please, Dear. And when are we going to have some of those lovely strawberry flavoured fruit rolls?"

Information on the packet;

Per 17g biscuit there was 66 calories, with 1.5g of fat and 7.5g of sugar. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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