25 July 2016

Aperol Spritz Event - The Bird of Smithfield / Forza Win [By Fey]

To celebrate the summertime favourite drink- Aperol Spritz, they hosted an event at Farringdon's Bird of Smithfield, in collaboration with the restaurant Forza Win.

They welcomed us up to the Aperol Terrace to enjoy a drink in the sunshine. Everything was aptly themed in orange, which added to the summertime feel.

Once all the guests were back inside, they taught us to make the perfect Aperol - lots of ice, prosecco, Aperol, soda water and a dash of orange for flavour! However, as our Venetian host reminded us, the Italians love this drink with some great food. Luckily, one of the wonderful chefs from Forza Win was on hand to show us some quick and easy Italian recipes to impress.

First was the panzanella- a dish made of bread, tomatoes (this recipe featured 3 kinds) basil and delicious onions (which had been prepared in salt and vinegar). The chef made ensured some of the guests got their hands dirty- and the dish was served. It was light but still had amazing flavour, which really did complement the drink.

Next was a Italian take on beans on toast- sourdough bread and cannellini beans (which had been flavoured with some garlic and herbs)! Such an easy recipe with a twist- they also tasted great with the onions we'd tried in the panzanella.

The last course was a beautifully cooked steak with a dash of salsa verde. The homemade sauce was delicious, and we were lucky enough to take our own little tubs home with us.

After enjoying the amazing food, we were able to enjoy the terrace once again.

The team put together a wonderful event- which highlighted just how easy it is to enjoy such a summertime drink with good company and great food and I will certainly be making a trip to Forza Win to try more of their amazing food.

Forza Win- 4.1, Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN

The Bird of Smithfield - 26 Smithfield St, London EC1A 9LB
By Fey

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