30 July 2016

Traditional Cloudy Ginger Beer (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve tried a few ginger beers by John Crabbie & Company, from Edinburgh, Scotland, but none with the difference of having no alcohol in it. The smart label on the 700ml bottle described the adventurer John Crabbie as being the ‘Ginger Master’ since 1801, which sounded a little like an ancient orange haired Kung Fu expert. The label states that this non-alcoholic ginger beer was made by combining fruit and ginger in a secret recipe to make a cloudy traditional ginger beer. It recommends using ice, as well as a slice of lime or lemon.
I decided to drink this straight and from a good stint in Cinabar’s super cold fridge, as so not to faff around with little blocks of the cold stuff. There was a strong smell of ginger on opening the bottle, which was expected of course. On first taste the bubbles and spicy smell of ginger overpowered my nose hairs and I had to stifle a sneeze. This is definitely not a ginger beer for wussies. In my mind it’s a spicy hot flavoursome ginger beer that packs a mean Highland punch, and doesn’t need any additional flavours such as lime, lemon and added ice would probably run away screaming. Any additional alcohol would be burnt off in a whizz! Once my nose hairs had calmed down and let me take a sip it felt like my entire mouth filled with spicy hot ginger beer, I could feel it clearing my nose and burning down my throat all the way into my waiting worried belly. Of course ginger is very good for the tummy too. This is a refreshing kickass ginger beer and no mistake! Wallop, here comes another dram!

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