3 July 2016

Birmingham Wildlife Festival - snacks rundown (@NLi10)

A whole two weeks ago (although due to festivals it feels like a lot longer) we popped down the road to Birmingham Wildlife Festival and in between all the badgers, squirrels and reptiles there were lots of great snacks!

First up we have a lovely little stall with a frankly dizzying array of different treats.  They had the full range of the chips that you can find some of in Holland & Barrett , they had lots of Montezuma chocolates, (as bought and eaten at Glastonbury) and an assortment of other things I'd not seen before.

Frankly most of the new stuff we got from here got eaten at Glastonbury and certain items (such as the Inspiral Caco Kale Chips) did not survive the trip there particularly well!  Im sure I make an order or find these around again for a proper review but it was lovely to see such a well stocked and friendly stall.

They can be found online at www.ethical-treats.co.uk  

Here we see the wares from the Purely Vegan Store - they had a decent amount of vegan alternatives but as it was a nice day I gravitated towards the Karma Cola.  This was as expected - more of a cola bottle taste than the synthetic high-street versions. My tastebuds have been spoilt by Fentimans and this was a nice but unspectacular offering. The bottle and branding of all three of these are top notch though and would be a welcome addition to many cafes.

The Pulsing stand was positively buzzing with people taking advantage of the bulk buy special offers - I only had four bars and was the smallest transaction I saw.  I've reviewed the first half of the haul here and will save the final bar of mine for the Latitude roving festival reviews.

I wasn't expecting that much in the way of stalls here, but it seemed that everyone had great snacks (and a few tempting t-shirts that I resisted but got business cards for) and the fresh food was similarly good but I forgot to take pictures of that.  Maybe next year!

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