9 July 2016

Flat Tyre Beer (Morrisons) [By @SpectreUK]

It’s what every car driver dreads to find when they return to their vehicle, so I suppose it’s apt that a company called Brutal Brewing produced this Flat Tyre dry-hopped lager. Presented in a 330ml can this 4.5% volume lager was brewed with Centennial, Magnum and Mosaic hops, with malts of Light Caramel, Pilsner, and Müchener.
There was a strong citrus hoppy smell on opening the can. Pouring with a small fluffy head this pale golden lager was slightly cloudy. I agree with the description on the can of hints of tropical fruit in the citrusy hoppy bitterness from first taste that smoothed out into the aftertaste with the combined malts, especially the sweetness of caramel malt. This lager was very flavoursome indeed, so don’t be put off by the scary can, this Flat Tyre has a satisfying tasty bitterness with a sweetness that lulled me at the end of each mouthful. Mmm… Certainly not something you’d be disappointed to come back to at the end of the day!
By Spectre

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