14 July 2016

ASK pizza via Deliveroo (by @NLi10)

For my birthday I decided to try Deliveroo and chose ASK as they were local but did something that the ordinary delivery guys didn't do.

We got fairly normal pizza boxes...

...and in them we had a kind of flatbread thing!

I had some kind of meat feast with bacon and sausage and pepper. It probably had a much fancier name.  The flat bread was well done and crispier than my oven could have got a store version. It was great! It also came 10 mins faster than expected and the driver was very courteous. 

It's realistically a bit more expensive to do this (£30 for two pizza plus delivery and tip) than just get a regular delivery pizza, but as a one off it was a nice treat. I can see myself getting other styles of dish that you don't find on typical delivery menus this way too. I do miss the ambience and freshness of the restaurant, but for convenience you can't beat it!

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