26 July 2016

Secret Raspberry Selector - Hotel Chocolat - Summer Collection [By @Cinabar]

On a sunny day what more could you want than chocolates from the fridge to soothe and chill the palate. Yes I decided to break into a fantastic box of goodies that make up the Hotel Chocolat gift, The Summer Collection.

There are various goodies in the box, and such a fabulous choice. Many of the summer items are fruit flavoured which works wonderfully for me. First up I decided to try the Secret Raspberry Selector chocolates. The reason they are called “secret” is because of the passion fruit that is mixed in, that gives them a bit more of a complex flavour.

The chocolates are neatly decorated with a pink and yellow topping, and the filling is a bright and summery yellow. The centre is a thick silky ganache. The chocolate these are made with is a lovely thick rich dark chocolate. The cocoa content is a high 70% and the flavour dark and smooth.
The first flavour to hit is the fruit passion fruit, that give a neat tropical edge, followed my the tangy flavour of raspberries. The fruit is zingy and full of flavour, and the dark chocolate complements it perfectly. These are fabulous summer flavours, that work even on a hot day. The only problem with these chocolates is that the journey of flavours that one chocolate gives, leaves you immediately wanting another. Oh well, there are quite a few in the pack…

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