6 July 2016

Forest Feast Smokin’ BBQ Flavour Crunchy Coated Peas [By @SpectreUK]

These Crunchy Coated Peas were sent to us from Forest Feast, by Kestrel Foods, in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. There are three flavours; Smokin’ BBQ Flavour, Hot & Sour Sriracha Flavour, and Spicy Chilli Lime Flavour. We undertook a package unboxing video for these alternative snacks, of which you can see here. I wasn’t sure what the Manga type characters were on the front of each packet, and after a brief look on the internet I still can’t find anything. However, if anyone can let me know that’d be great, because it’s bugging me! Their imagery certainly supports the “Peas with punch” slogan. I’ve tried plenty of wasabi flavoured coated peas in the past, so I was quite looking forward to a break from the norm and dived straight in…

Smokin’ BBQ Flavour
A fairly stern blonde Manga hero stared back at me as I picked up the packet. He seemed to be doing some kind of magic with the image of the coated peas in front of him. A magic Manga hero delivering Smokin’ BBQ Crunchy Coated Peas can’t be bad. On opening the packet there was a mild paprika and chilli smell to the reddened coated green peas. There was an initial paprika taste mixed with chilli, which morphed into a sweet barbeque sauce flavour on biting into the crunchy coated peas. These are a really tasty treat, full of the sweet and lightly salty barbecue taste of summer, with a mild chilli burn with each handful of peas. I am glad I have a few more packets of these to enjoy. I’ve been craving barbeque chilli nuts for years so these are a magic alternative and will no doubt become a regular snack for me on gaming nights. I’m looking forward to trying the other two flavours and writing up about them too.

Information on the packet;
40g at 376 calories per 100g, having 8.2g of fat, 14.4g of sugar, and 1.6g of salt. Ingredients included; green peas, sugar, wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, modified starch, barbeque powder (salt, maltodextrin, chilli, onion, garlic, pepper, and paprika), soy sauce (soybean, wheat, salt, and water), and rice bran oil.
By Spectre

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