24 July 2016

Tesco - Pulled Pork & Chorizo Stonebacked Flatbread (@NLi10)

Sometimes you find a food that epitomises a specific era. Tesco has provided us a perfect example for now.

First up we have pulled pork. This is now everywhere. I don't think you can buy non pulled pork anymore. Piglets are born pre pulled.

Next up we have chorizo. Sausage is so last decade. We need specific strong spicy sausage, even if you slice it so thinly that you may as well just have pepperoni as is the case here.

Then we have a Stonebaked flatbread - nobody wants a pitta - this is softer and more baked on stone than any of the other options.

And overall (with a few greens) you have a cliched lunch of the times that couldn't be more now unless it had a large beard and a confusing coffee to go with it.

It was nice enough, but it really wasn't as special as you'd have hoped from any of the individual parts. Edible but disappointing. 

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