7 July 2016

Natur Boutique - Lemongrass & Green Tea (@NLi10)

Green tea is amazing and upliftingly refreshing, when someone suggests we try a new variety I ignore the fact that we have a shelf dedicated to different varieties at work and agree totally!

Here we see the twist with the Natur Boutique variety is that they added lemongrass instead of just lemon - it's also organic and promotes wellbeing, but we all know that's the caffeine and other lovely natural stimulants.

The box is good, plain and simple and it tells you what the tea is about. It's £2.99 for 20 bags from Holland & Barrett which is reasonable.

The individually sealed bags are nicely done.

The bags themselves contain small but recognisable leaves and other woody substances which I assume are the lemongrass.

The flavour is pretty much as you'd expect.  The green tea is quite slight in flavour and doesn't get too strong if you leave the bag in for extended time.  The lemongrass is noticeable but forms an almost woody base instead of a sweet top like I'm used to with the jasmine.

A fairly robust tea then, one that I can see myself chasing from the collection on occasion, but not one that I'd feel the need to hunt down to replace.  For those that like their green tea not too potent and with a little bit of earthiness to it I can recommend giving this a try.

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