13 April 2014

Borgat Cotton Candy, Strawberry & Apple [review by @NLi10]

I got sent these odd little packages a while ago by a PR firm.  As I hadn't had candy floss in a very long time I jumped at the chance, but made sure that I took my time reviewing it so I could share it with it's target audience of young people.  While this was useful, their main contribution was that they would like more...

There are two flavours here, strawberry and apple.  I've never had apple candy floss before so I saved that one for second.  Turns out the strawberry here is a lot more strongly flavoured than anything I had in my childhood.  I guess the fun-fair isn't expecting you to make repeat purchases so scrimp on the flavours.  Not so here - opening the bag gives a massive hit of an enticing sweet smell and the contents are surprisingly fluffy and pull apart with much satisfaction.

It's not as light and airy as the stuff on a stick - in fact I suspect that one little bag is about the same as a stick load.  I'd always wondered why the bags at the fun fair were so big and airy, but I think that this is more the consistency of insulation, but a lot more edible.  For your 50p entry cost you get a genuinely fun bag that does take a bit of eating for a grown-up.

The apple flavour is similar, it has the strong smell, the sweet and tingly flavour and really doesn't seem to go down as fast as you'd expect.  I'd suggest that you try to eat it all in a day or so - I came back to a bag that had been opened and then carried around and it was more of a dusty sugar than a candy floss.  (or Cotton candy as the bag so Americanly calls it...)

I shared the bags out with teenagers, children and toddlers and while not all were forthcoming with feed back (mainly due to having to save the sweets til after dinner) they all quite liked it.  When pressed with which flavour our youngest reviewer preferred she didn't really say - but did choose to keep the strawberry bag and not the apple one when offered both.

Cheaper than a trip to the funfair, and almost perfect for children's birthday parties due to it's price, package and everlasting nature I can recommend this for the under 10s.  The teenagers seemed less enthralled, but did eat some. I liked it but didn't need a whole bag to myself.

Given the choice I'd take some of the apple one, but only because I've had that less - they are both equally nice.

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