19 April 2014

Smiths Twisted Flamin’ Hot (Local Newsagent) [By @SpectreUK]

I've always been a big fan of Walkers Flamin' Hot Monster Munch. Cinabar bought me these Smiths' Twisted Flamin' Hot flavour to try. Smiths are now owned by Walkers, so I thought I'd try both flavours to see if they were exactly the same or slightly different. I liked the fun shape of these a twisted corn puffs and immediately thought of curly chips that I've bought in a few pubs previously, but these are corn puff snacks with Flamin' Hot as a flavour instead of tomato sauce or a dusting of peri-peri. On opening the packet I had a strong whiff of spicy tomato, which raised a few alarm bells. On first curly taste I found these Twisted corn puffs were very soft and melted in my mouth, but they only had a mild heat which was mainly spicy tomato. The heat didn't compare to the Walkers Flamin' Hot Monster Munch, although they were very tasty indeed and very moreish. I thought these Twisted were fun to eat and brought out my inner child, which is never a bad thing when you're having a rough day at work. If you want a milder heat and more of a spicy tomato flavour, then I'd recommend you give these Smiths Twisted Flamin' Hot flavour a try. In fact if they called them Spicy Tomato flavour instead, I don't think anyone would bat an eyelid. Now if you want the hot tomato tongue tingling nose sweaty heat, then don't forget the Walkers Monster Munch, as they really are Flamin' Hot!

Information on the packet;
30g packet with 160 calories, 1.2g of sugar and 9g of fat. Suitable for vegetarians. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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