5 April 2014

Topcorn Heat 'n Sweet flavour #topcorntribe @MetcalfesSkinny [By @SpectreUK]

Cinabar is not a big fan of savoury popcorn, so when we were very kindly sent these to try as well as some of the flavours mentioned below, it fell to me to give Heat 'n Sweet a try. This seemed an ideal opportunity to me as I'm always looking for healthy savoury snacks that don't add much more to my ever increasing waistline and taste great without the boredom of healthy foods that aren't tasty with it. Now let's face it in life generally if it tastes great, whatever it is, the chances are it's bad for you! And so with this thought stuck in my mind I popped open the packet. There was an instant popcorn smell with a sweet and paprika spicy odour. This was a good strong smell that bolstered my confidence for the taste test. Grabbing a decent handful of popcorn and dumping it liberally into my waiting mouth, I tasted a popcorn sweetness to start with which was reminiscent of caramel. This sweet flavour was quickly followed by a paprika and chilli spice mixed with a hearty lemon tang and finished with cumin. After a few more mouthfuls I noticed that the medium heat of this popcorn flavour had built up on the quiet making my nose a little sweaty and it had started to run a bit from the chilli. Wiping my nose to save embarrassment in the work's canteen, I polished off this rather spicy sweet and moreish popcorn packet. I'd definitely have these again and look forward to tasting the Wasabi Glaze flavour. One last thought though, if I was Julian Metcalfe from Pret A Manger fame, I would perhaps think about changing the name of these fine Heat 'n Sweet popcorn to Sweet Chilli and Lemon flavour!

Information on the packet;
25g packet with 112 calories, with 5g of sugar and 4.3g of fat. Ingredients included; popped Butterfly corn, vegetable oil, sugar, rice flour, salt, onion powder, paprika powder, yeast powder, lemon fruit powder, maltodextrin, chilli powder, cayenne extract, ground cumin, garlic powder, natural colour; paprika, and black pepper extract.

Other flavours available are; Sweet 'n Salt, Chocolate Clouds, Sweet Cinnamon Spice, Banana Smoothie, Spiced Chai Latte, Candy Floss and Honeymoon Sweet.
By Spectre


Erin Burns said...

Where did you manage to get these from? I can't find them anywhere :(
Great review!

cinabar said...

Tesco has them - well the big branch in Dudley to be specific ;-)