9 April 2014

Heinz Hot Sauce (Sainsbury’s) [By @SpectreUK]

Heinz were established in 1869, so they ought to know by now how to make a really good sauce. I must admit that I've never tasted a bad sauce by Heinz. This Hot Sauce was made with green jalapeños. Described as 'tangy and sharp' and given a two chilli hot rating out of a three chilli hotness range on the front of the bottle, I was rather looking forward to trying this sauce with some chips. I poured a big green blob out onto a plate next to my steak and chips meal and gave the green thick gooey liquid a good sniff. There was a sour vinegar and onion smell overshadowed by jalapeño and a hint of spinach. There was a medium hot jalapeño kick from the green sauce mixed with a strong sour vinegar, onion and finally spinach flavour. From the title on the bottle's label I could ascertain that the tang came from the onion and the spinach, and the sharpness from the sour spirit vinegar. There was a medium chilli heat from the jalapeño in the sauce. To mark it as a two chilli heat rating was not being over generous. My nose began to sweat a little after dipping a few of my chips into it. I found this sauce very tasty with a lovely medium chilli heat. I even tried it with some of my steak, and it went very well with the red meat. I'll certainly be adding this Hot Sauce to my favourite hot sauce range next to Grace's Hot Tomato Ketchup and Frank's Chilli and Lime in the sauce cupboard.

Information on the label;
150ml bottle. Ingredients include; spirit vinegar, jalapeño chilli (13%), chilli, sugar, peppers, onion, garlic, salt, herb and spice extracts, spinach extract, thickener; xanthan gum.
Recommends trying this sauce with; pizza, pasta, stir fries, chicken, and burgers.
By Spectre

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