12 April 2014

Goody Good Stuff (Degusta Box) [By @SpectreUK]

I'm a big fan of gummy sweets. I'm a big kid at heart, I know, but when I was an actual kid I didn't care how many E-numbers there were in the sweets or if they had real fruit in them. Now as a child-adult with a big tummy this concept means a lot to me. Gummy sweets with real fruit in them not only taste more natural, but are actually better for you. Just ask Rowntrees! So when Cinabar asked me to review these Goody Good Stuff gummies with real fruit in them I jumped at the chance. Being gelatine free vegetarian friendly, fat free tummy-size friendly, diary free for lactose intolerant friendly, gluten free for gluten intolerant friendliness, and with all natural colours and flavours, these gummy sweets were very friendly indeed!

Tropical Fruit

On tearing opening the packet I first noticed the shapes of the gummies of various fruits which were of relevant colours to those fruits. There were an uneven amount of shapes, but this isn't anything unusual where gummy sweets are concerned. There were certainly lots of red, but there were indeed two shapes of red. The gummies were quite sticky, but not stuck fast together and pulled apart quite easily. The first of the reds I tasted was raspberry shaped and flavoured, the second red being strawberry shaped and flavoured. The orange was the shape of a wedge of natural orange, and tasted almost as such, whereas the yellow was shaped like a banana, and had a sweet banana flavour. The green shape confused me at first because it was a palm tree shape, which ended up being a sweet kiwi flavour, whereas the white colour was a lovely pineapple flavour. These gummies certainly tasted like the fruits their shapes and colours were meant to be representing.They were very naturally tasty, but the taste was slightly over shadowed by the carnauba wax that covered them and asides the kiwi, they didn't scream "Tropical" at me at any point, which I guess would be more unusual and flavoursome fruits such as passionfruit and guava. My fingers were very sticky after eating these gummies. Still they felt very healthy and flavoursome, and I would have them again.

Information on the packet;
100g packet, with 8 gummies at 30g having 99 calories and 18g of sugar (they are sweets after all!). Ingredients in the photograph.

Sour Mix & Match

These gummies were bottle shaped half one colour half another and covered in sour sugar. They were available in three different mixed flavours. White and green were kiwi and apple flavours combined, giving a mainly sour tangy apple flavour. I found these greenies the least sour in the packet. White and light red were the second most sour, which was an amalgamation of elderberry and black currant flavour. Their sour taste was almost floral, but not in an unpleasant Turkish Delight sort of way. I know, I'm sure some else out there likes Turkish Delight as well as Cinabar and her mom. White and orange were lemon and orange, which ended up as a sort of sour apricot flavour. I found these orangey gummies the most sour in the packet. All these gummies were soft to eat, and were nice and sour. I found the white and orange flavour gummies a little face twisty, and the other flavours very nice and moreish. I would have these again, but Maynard's Sour gummies will give you a harder face twisty kick if you're looking for a wake-me-up!

Information on the packet;
100g packet, with 8 gummies at 30g having 99 calories and 19g of sugar. Ingredients in the photograph.

By Spectre

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