14 April 2014

McCoys Ultimate Chargrilled Steak & Peri Peri Crisps (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

If you like crisps with flavour the new range from McCoys is really going to get your attention. The crisps have very deep ridges, to collect lots of flavour, and they have been seasoned twice to really add a special taste sensation! The new range is available in big sharing bags, perfect for a night in with a movie and to share with friends. I spotted these new crisps online on the Tesco site and also added the two other new flavours to our shop; Sea Salt + Black Pepper and Sizzling BBQ Chicken. It was Spectres choice to go for these steak ones first!
Once the bag was opened the initial aroma was very much that of steak, they smelt beefy with a hint of barbecue too. I couldn’t pick up on much peri peri in the aroma, so had to wait and see on that one. The ridges looked very thick and the seasoning on them looked dark with flavour, so I couldn't wait to tuck in.
The crunch was lovely, the thick ridges meant they were quite satisfying to munch on, without them being to tough or sharp. The best part was the flavour, they had this fab steak taste, with the almost smokey chargrilled flavour following next. Just when your tastebuds are full appreciating the meatiness of the seasoning, there is a gentle tingle of warmth that starts to develop. A few seconds later and the chilli flavour hits full power and the warmth has become full on peri peri goodness! Wow they had a good kick, which combined with the rich meatiness made them ever so moreish! They might be designed for sharing but they are the kind of crisps you’ll end up fighting over! I seriously can’t wait to try the Sizzling BBQ Chicken ones next!
By Cinabar

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