20 April 2014

Marvel Kinder Surprise [Review by @NLi10]

It's Easter time again and the shelves are filled with your usual traditional large hollow chocolate eggs.  Kinder have launched recently two ranges of fixed toy eggs - one with princesses in it and one with Marvel characters in it.  Appearing to have learnt that gender identity and colour are not fixed there is no mention of who these are aimed at, but as they look reasonable and are on a 2 for £1.20 offer in Somerfield (although my mom says they are cheaper in B&M) I bought 6.  

There is also a larger egg with Batman and the Batmobile in it, but I'm not that into DC and it's probably a lot more expensive.

I figured this haul would be enough to achieve my goal of getting an Iron Man one.   Turns out there are ten minifigs in the range and not 7 like I originally thought so the chances were looking about 50 50.  I gifted the eggs to their young and old recipients on the understanding that the egg I kept back was to be swapped with that of the first person that opened an Iron Man.

We opened, Green Goblin, Venom, IRON MAN, SpiderMan, Iron Man 2, and finally Thor.  I think this gave us all the best and most interesting figures in the series quite quickly.  I traded for the first Iron Man (Spidey was in my reserve egg) and happily attached him to my bag.

We found out from the paper inside that the figures can battle and have flip top heads and numbers inside to allow this.  Here we see Iron Man defeating Spiderman to win my affections.

This is a pretty cool bonus. On top of the well used license and the great idea of having separately decorated eggs this product is effective enough to encourage purchases but not so random that you end up with a pocket full of irrelevant toys.  I remember trying to collect something as a child and getting lots of toys not in the special range in multiples but few of the target figures and stopping.

The usual Kinder chocolate was well appreciated, but the true meaning of the pagan festival Easter is clearly finding Iron Man and beating all the other super heroes.

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