7 April 2014

Hot Cross Bun Chocolates (@ThorntonsChocs WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

I was having a look at what new goodies are out for the season in Thornton's and there i a giant chocolaet egg shaped like a hot cross bun, and it proclaims to be hot cross bun favoured too. Although tempted to purchase the huge egg - I managed to resist. Later in the day I was in WH Smiths when I noticed that there had six miniature Thorntons chocolates in a box for £3, which seemed more appropriate for a tasting session! Yes - I did want the bigger egg, but the small chocolates would have to suffice for now! They seemed a more acceptable impulse buy. :-D
I was a little worried at first that these chocolates might be hollow, like the bigger egg, but was relieved to discover they were filled with a spiced truffle. The filling is darker in colour, but the coating is a milk chocolate, with a white chocolate decoration creating the criss-cross on top. The milk chocolate is quite thick, and feels substantial when you bite in. The centre is lovely and silky and rich in texture too, but you’d expect no less from Thorntons.
The flavour is perfect for me, as the taste is spicy, with a good underlying flavour of cinnamon, making its ways to the forefront. The sweet tones of chocolate are not overpowered by the spices, they work in unison, and it does taste like it is hot cross bun flavoured. They are osmething a bit different for the Easter market, I am loving some of the novelty chocolaets from Thorntons at the minute. I can see these chocs being a favourite of mine, and I’m going to have to stock up on some more for my post christmas cinnamon hit, because after easter all the spiced chocolates will likely disappear again until the winter months. :-(
By Cinabar

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Harmony said...

I wonder how these compare to Hotel Chocolat's hot cross bun chocolates!