23 April 2014

Strongbow Cider Dark Fruit (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I must admit I do like the odd cider now and again, and this Strongbow Cider Dark Fruit certainly sounded like an odd cider. On opening there was a very heavy smell of blackcurrant and blackberry, both together, with a hint of cider apple right at the end of the aroma. On pouring this cider into my slightly bemused beer mug this Dark Fruit cider was a purple colour and had a decent fizz to it. There was barely any cider taste to this drink, it was mainly blackcurrant in flavour to start with and then blackberry, but both fruits were mixed well together. This beverage was like a fizzy strong Ribena drink. The taste was very much like a Dark Fruit pop rather than cider. Though there was complexity to the flavour of this drink that went beyond the pub drink of adding a dash of blackcurrant to a pint of cider. This drink would be perfect for a person who doesn’t like cider or beer and doesn’t want to sample the traditional taste of alcohol. In fact I'm sure you could drink quite a few bottles of it and find yourself under the table, but you wouldn't know how or why you got there. This cider is not something I’d buy again, but I'm certain there's a decent market out there for it. Cider and Black anyone?

Information on the label:
500ml bottle at 4% volume. Produced by HP Bulmer Ltd, in Hereford. The label stated that this beverage is Strongbow Cider with a refreshing blend of dark fruit; blackcurrant and blackberry juices and flavours. Contains sugar, sweetener, and sulphites for freshness.
By Spectre

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