26 April 2014

Shandy Carib Lime (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I've always been partial to a sweet lemonade shandy, so when I saw this imported bottle of Shandy Carib Lime in a local supermarket, I couldn't help but pick it up and put it in my basket. I say "lemonade" shandy and mean only a smidgen of beer compared to the amount of lemonade added. In a pub if you ask for a shandy, you generally receive a pint of half and half.

There's something refreshing about a sweet lemonade shandy that reminds me of Summer. Sitting in the garden on a peaceful hot sunny day with a good book and a sweet shandy on the side. Ben Shaw's Shandy and Schweppes' Shandy are two of my favourite sweet shandys. I usually have a can or two if I have a break in the garden to read or when I'm doing some gardening. I do love to plant various vegetables and salady things in the Spring and then watch them grow until I have a good harvest or more likely they get eaten by slugs!

On popping open the Shandy Carib Lime bottle there was a strong lime smell followed by a good beer aroma. The lager shandy had a decent fizz and quite a strong lime flavour, which was mixed well with the lager shandy taste. There was a lovely caramel sweetness that finished off the overall flavour of this Shandy Carib Lime that not only left me refreshed, but left my lips smacking and tongue begging for more. Shame it was only a small bottle, as I could quite happily drink this Shandy Carib Lime until the cows come home. I'll have to pop back to the shop, buy some more of this sweet lime shandy and hope for a sunny Summer. Cheers!

Information on the label;
330ml glass bottle with 1.2% volume. Imported Shandy Lime brewed by Carib Brewery, in Trinidad, in the Caribbean. Lager beer with natural flavour and artificial colours. Ingredients included; water, beer, sugar, natural lime flavour, citric acid, caramel, and artificial colours.
By Spectre

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