6 April 2015

New Rolo Dark (B&M Store) [By @Cinabar]

I don’t going in our local B&M Store very often. I’m not sure why I don’t but after my recent haul from my last visit, it is has very definitely putting itself on the Foodstufffinds' visiting list. Amongst thing I did see and buy, including well priced import choccies, were these new Dark Rolos hanging on a shelf. It was literally just these Rolos left, all the other bags had gone. I grabbed this pack quickly as I spotted someone else looking at it, but I had the last one. I suppose that is a bit clich├ęd given the marketing phrase about sharing your last Rolo, but these were all mine! ;-)
When I looked at these Rolos I was surprised by how dark they looked out of the bag. I know they are the new Dark edition, but as the packet said they only had 45% cocoa I wasn’t expecting the colour change to be so dramatic. They were almost black.
I liked these Rolos, the chocolate was noticeably darker tasting, and the sweet caramel went really well with it. It was a good mix of flavours. The stronger chocolate made these easy to eat for me, they weren’t sickly even after eating more than I should have. Don’t get me wrong they were still sweet just more chocolatey too, like an enhanced flavoured Rolo.
I know I write about new and limited editions of product that aren’t that exciting or creative, and this may not be pushing the limits of product development, but I can’t argue with one important fact, they are really nice darker! Having said that there is another Rolo product that is newly out, and I’ve added it to my Ocado shop - keep an out for Friday when there will be more news about that!
By Cinabar


paulham said...

There are few things that go better than sweet caramel and dark chocolate.

It tends to be more prevalent in the US than here unfortunately.

cinabar said...

It is true - as much as I crave new creative products simple does work.