9 April 2015

Kellogs's Star Wars - A new Force at Breakfast [@NLi10] #StarWars

I'm not that bothered by Star Wars, I've seen them all but I think they are mostly for the younger generation. As I never saw them as a child I never got that into it. I did win some Ewoks at the bingo counter on holiday one year.

I still had to see what Kellogg's had done when I saw this happy little R2 unit on the box.

And what's on the back - oh no it's Darth Vader - Lord of the Sith! Breakfast is ruined!

I did like the fact that both arts are on the same box, either a metaphor for how we are all capable of being the good guys and the bad guys simultaneously, or just cheaper than printing two boxes and putting puzzles on the back. I have no doubt there will be other character boxes over time.  But what is inside?

It's basically that coco pops but in shapes cereal we've had before. Moons (that's no moon - lol) and stars.

All the real info is tucked away on one side panel due to the big art.

And it's good cereal too, nicer than the Bear chocolate shapes, but probably a heck of a lot less healthy. If you were a Jedi you'd probably stick to normal cornflakes - chocolate cereals are definitely from The Dark Side. At least you can cut eye holes in the box and wear it as a Vader mask while you wait for the next film (or at least the hilarious Mr. Plinket Review of it).

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