16 April 2015

Waitrose cheese gift set with black charcoal hearts [by @NLi10]

Ah - lovely lovely Waitrose - is there anything they don't sell?  For Christmas I got this lovely cheese gift set with a slate, and some onion relish with a box of Thomas Fudge Deep Black Charcoal Hearts. Now sure - I despise cheese in all its forms - but I do have a partner who loves it so this was a gift for us both.

I got my partner to take the pictures so expect more stylish shots than usual and a particular regard for the packaging design. I still can't rotate pictures on the iPhone though...

I think the take home message here is that a few nibbles make friendships grow, but too many nibbles and you've got rotten soggy turnips. And by the looks of things a mid-air collision between two swifts.

Here we see the charcoal biscuits lovingly peaking out of the box. You can't quite tell that they are heart shaped but they are.  Black hearts isn't a combination that I'd have instantly though of but they do look striking and have a good surface area.

And here is the finished composition. The cheese eater did like it, but she preferred the cheese and the Wilkin & Son relish to the biscuits.

I had mine without cheese and did like the combination.  The biscuits were quite hard (in a good way) and had a plesant snap to them. We haven't finished the box yet though so we can't be craving charcoal too much.  I think the best word for them is gormet - you don't want this for lunch at work, but as a nice indulgent snack it was very welcome.

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