4 April 2015

Harry Hopalot (Thorntons) [By @SpectreUK]

Cinabar was given this white chocolate bunny with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and pink nose decoration for Easter, as a nudge from her brother back to a time when she dressed up as the White Rabbit in a school play of Alice in Wonderland. Although the photo of her in her costume is strictly under lock and key somewhere, Cinaber seems quite proud of her role singing the "I'm late" song. Perhaps she had a better singing voice back then? :-D

Unlike that White Rabbit this white chocolate (and darker chocolate parts) rabbit wasn't holding a smart pocket watch, but he did have a fetching satchel with a chocolate egg just poking out of it. Partly because Harry Hopalot had seemingly forgotten a watch I felt that time was running out for him, and partly because I rather like white chocolate. So I nabbed Harry for a short while when Cinabar wasn't looking. You see I wanted to find out where he'd got the egg in his satchel from. He foolishly let out that he knew the Easter Bunny. I said that if he knew the Easter Bunny he must know where his secret hideout is where he keeps all his chocolate eggs. Except Harry wouldn't tell me. He appeared a tough little rabbit, and I quickly began to wonder just how much torture this cute white chocolate rabbit could take.

I prized Harry Hopalot out of his plastic recyclable box and asked him one more time. "Where's the Easter Bunny's hideout, Harry?" Harry wouldn't say. So I took an ear. A mixture of silky white chocolate mixed with a hint of milk chocolate and the mildest of squeaks from the hollow rabbit followed. Still no information other than that. So I took another ear with much the same delightful creamy white chocolate flavour. By now Harry was looking pretty worried, though he was still resolute not to tell me the location of the Easter Bunny's secret base. So I bit off his white chocolate paw. Not a word. I bit off his milk chocolate paw to make sure he couldn't hop off anywhere. Harry was definitely a tough little rabbit, although creamy in flavour. He obviously hadn't had a belly full of my torture as that was hollow too and made for quite a mouthful. I have to hand it to Harry Hopalot, he never told me the location of the Easter Bunny's secret chocolate stash. Not once did he lose his head. Well except for when I ate it in the end! :-D

Happy Easter!

Information on Box;
Net weight 60g. Per 100g at 545 calories with 30g of fat and 62g of sugar. Suitable for vegetarians. Ingredients contain no artificial colours or flavours; sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, cocoa mass, emulsifier; soya lecithin, milk fat, flavouring, fat reduced cocoa powder, colour; Beetroot Red. May contain nuts.
By Spectre

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