27 April 2015

Chicken Tikka Pizza (@Dominos_UK) [By @Cinabar]

Over the weekend we were thinking of ordering a takeaway. The conversation came about what to have and we settled on pizza. Little did we know that there was a new pizza on the Dominos website offering the best of the takeaways world, curry pizza! Yes this new pizza is Chicken Tikka flavoured.
The pizza is properly themed, it isn’t just a tomato sauce on top with a few bits of spicy chicken.
The base sauce is a proper Tikka flavoured one, and the toppings are; tandoori chicken, onion bhaji, tomatoes and red onions. It seemed like a nice selection of goodies and the onion bhaji pieces seemed particularly intriguing.
We choose to have the pizza delivered, which meant I got to stare at the pizza tracker intently until it arrived. I’m like a small child; calling out “it's baking!” etc. The delivery man duly came and gave us our pizza and the nachos we ordered to have on the side. I thought the pizza look nice, with a good portion of goodies on top, including plenty of chicken. The onion bhaji pieces were small.

The flavour was good, there is plenty of tomato to the base but plenty of spices too. Both the onion bhaji and the red onions give this a nice onion taste, and work really well with the spices. The chicken was moist and mildly spiced, and added to the mix of textures. I was dipping the pizza crust in the garlic dip you get with the pizza, but it would have been heaven to dip them in a themed dip such a raita. Dominos should so bring one out for this.
I’m not sure this a curry replacement by any means, but as a curry flavoured pizza you can’t go wrong. It was tasty, the spice was warming and built up as you ate giving a lovely tingle in the mouth. It is not too hot, but certainly enough for a pizza. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would order it again.
By Cinabar

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Something to look forward to said...

I tried this over the weekend too!

I'm not normally a fan of chicken on pizza but the flavours on offer really were delicious. I missed the cheese, though, and I did find it a little dry. I don't like dipping so maybe that was my problem!