14 April 2015

Mentos Choc & Caramel (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

To be honest I wasn’t sure these were a new a product when I first bought them. I have never seen them before, and I really ought to learn to trust my instinct, but there was no “New” label and there was a note on the packaging saying they were produced in Russia. I put them down initially to just being an import. However the packaging is all in English and they were bought in a very mainstream shop which is not known for its imports. So I think it safe to say they are a new product in Smiths at least which just came with little fanfare. I had them on my desk at work, and people kept asking about them so they are certainly knew to some. I opened them up and shared some with my colleagues.

I was disappointed that the sweets didn’t have the usually Mentos hard shell, in fact the coating was just a thick soft chewy toffee. The shell is one of the feature of Mentos you sort expect to be maintained with all its varieties. The filling was nice, it burst with a hit of chocolate and cocoa, that tasted quite strong and went well with the caramel. These are nice, easy to eat sweets. They are essentially just ├ęclairs though, and don’t really bring much new to the sector. I preferred them slightly to Cadbury ├ęclairs as they are softer, but at 70p a packet it is far better to buy the larger bag of Cadburys for £1.
By Cinabar

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paulham said...

There is a mint chocolate variety too.
Ok, nothing special I would say.