26 April 2015

Hunger Breaks Hot Pots "Chip shop" Chicken Curry & Rice [@Nli10]

In the quest to find a nice lunch I've been working my way down the ready meals aisle at Asda.  This one I bought based on the flavour alone - Chip Shop Curry sauce!

Interestingly it's in the same pots as the Fray Bentos range, but with different colours and a very different recipe.  This is the very height of bachelor chow and is essentially baby food for adult males.

It doesn't need added water AND it has a very distinct flavour and is actually pretty nice.  If you have teenagers that you worry are not eating enough then get some of these for them.  It's probably the least filling of all the ones I've had so far, but not by much.  The texture is very samey and off-putting and it produced a lot of funny looks.  In fact this is very much a school-dinners kind of thing where everything is in one pot.

I didn't hate it, and would happily explore the range to find some others that may be more my thing.  I'd much rather have something from the actual chip shop, but as far as quick snacks go - this is pretty effective.  And it does taste like chip shop curry too!

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