7 April 2015

New J2O Garden Rose (Ocado @J2O) [By @Cinabar]

I have mixed feelings about rose as a flavouring. I love Turkish Delight, but for some reason as interesting as it sounded as a flavouring for a drink I was left feeling a little unsure about it. Rose can be very overpowering, and a flowery taste in a drink is something that has to be managed well.
I have to admit to having enjoyed all of the J2Os varieties I’ve tried over the years, and they are one of my first choices of drink when I’m out. As excited as I get at Christmas time when Glitter Berry gets its re-release, the idea of an actual new flavour did make me very happy. I am also pleased that they have tried something a bit creative for a new flavour and added something innovative to the area. It is called Garden Rose, but is a mix of apple, raspberry and rose (all of which do indeed grow in our garden).

The bottles come in a multipack of four from Ocado, but I assume it will stocked by the usual selection of restaurant and pubs soon enough. The drink is a pale pink colour, and will probably be known as “the pink one” soon enough. I took a sip and absolutely fell for the flavour. It has a lovely sweet but slightly zingy raspberry taste, the soothing tones of apple and a perfectly pitched floral aftertaste of rose. It is sweet fruity and a clever mix of flavours. The key to it is the balance, and it is balanced to perfection. The rose is delicate and the whole drink is ever so refreshing. This fragrant and summery flavour is going to be a favourite of mine, and the perfect accompaniment for barbecues should the weather ever brighten up!
By Cinabar

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