8 April 2015

Hurst View Traditional Cider [By @SpectreUK]

Cinabar brought me these two bottles of Traditional Cider back from a farmer's market in Wolverhampton centre a while back. They were produced by Hurst View Cider in Staffordshire. I've been sitting on them for a while before placing them in the fridge and then drinking them. You see I was waiting for Spring to arrive and a bit of the warmer weather. Finally the sun is out and I'm about to crack open the first bottle...

Jibber Jabber

Made with 100% apple juice and at 7.5% volume this Traditional Cider sounded like a proper corker! I popped open the 500ml bottle to the fresh strong smell of cider apple. This still cider poured into my beer mug smoothly but almost bit at me once I'd taken my first long swig. The alcoholic strength of the cider apparent with the mix of flavours from a range of apples, which had been fermented with wild yeasts to produce a kick like an apple cart bouncing over a pot hole at the end of each mouthful. My nose hairs literally standing on end. Certainly a full bodied flavoursome treat here with no room for the weak hearted cider fiends who look for a quick fix behind the bike sheds in a rusty can. A craft traditional cider for the craft traditional cider drinker!

Medium Slightly Sparkling

Okay so perhaps they couldn't think of a catchy name like Jibber Jabber for this Medium Slightly Sparkling, but on pouring this 6% volume Traditional Cider I can definitely agree that it is slightly sparkling. B A Baracus aside this cider certainly does what it says on the tin so to speak. Presented in another smart 500ml bottle this cider had a light cider apple, and a joyful fizz and a medium dry cider taste to it as the bubbles playfully tickled my nose. I really enjoyed drinking this cider as the bubbles forced me savour it for longer than the stronger bitey still cider. I always find the same with a fizzy lemonade, tough to down in one or two gulps as the bubbles try to force they way out of your nose. Besides Cinabar doesn't appreciate cider burps. No class you see... ;-)
By Spectre

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