2 April 2015

Lakrids (Black Liquorice Almonds) by Johan Bulow [@NLi10]

My colleague has Danish roots and access to some of the strangest, ammonia filled sweets on the planet.  While reviewing something just to say that it's really unpleasant isn't a great idea this designer variant is something that a few people may be more interested.  It looks like the eggs from some oversized insect but they are actually chocolate coated almonds - only covered in distinct Danish liquorice!

The little story talks about raw liquorice and sea salt combined with good chocolate and a roast almond.  It truly is an odd experience!

I tried to get a better shot of the size of the Lakrids themselves but they refused to be focused on - in hindsight I should have tipped a few into the lid.

Danish liquorice is incredibly salty and an extreme taste sensation like the sourest sweet you've tried but in a completely different dimension.  Here though it's thinly coated on the outside so a quick bite balances the flavours with the chocolate and the lovely almond flavour inside.  The aftertaste is also very strong liquorice and lingers for hours so it's not really something I'd recommend if you aren't a fan.

In the office these are really popular with some of the ladies - to the extent that I had to keep a hold of the jar on my desk to try enough to review.  It's not something to sit and snack on, and it pretty much overpowers the flavour of anything you ate before or eat after - it's not one for with a cup of tea!

If you have someone with refined tastes who likes unique experiences then this is the ideal Easter gift, but I'm betting they are pretty hard to track down over here.  While I won't be hunting them out, I know that some people are already trying! 

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