10 April 2015

New Walkers Mix Ups Sweet and Salty Popcorn [By @Cinabar]

This is a new product in the new range of mixed bags by Walkers called “Mix Ups”. It is different from the other products though as it popcorn rather than being crisp related. I think my favourite flavour of popcorn is sweet and salty, so I eagerly opened up the bag and poured myself a portion. We were watching the latest episode of Blacklist, so I needed a serious snack to keep me going through the twists and turns.

The other varieties of sweet and salty popcorn I’ve tried are a mix of the flavours, as such each piece of popcorn has both sweet and salty coating. This is not the case the with the Walkers Mix Ups, instead they are half and half, a bag of sweet popcorn and salty popcorn made separately but mixed together. I realised once it was poured out that you could spot which pieces were which, oh dear. The paler bits were clearly the salty and the darker ones were sweet. This is the point where I have to confess to something, I’m a bit odd. When I eat a Trifle I eat it in separate layers, carefully scraping the cream off the custard to start. If I can separate things I will, I don’t know why. Consequentially when I was eating the popcorn I found my hand picking out all the pale bits first and generally categorising my popcorn. I ate all the salty pieces first, which were lovely. The salt was generous, and the popcorn fluffy. When things started hotting up for Red in the Blacklist I made the transition from the salty section to the browner sweet pieces to finish off. They were fab too, they had a generous sugary coating and the sweetness hit the mark. I think I’d prefer a mix where each piece had both flavours, because this particular popcorn didn’t bring out the best in me. I can’t be the only person that eats things in layers or sections? Oh well, I think that might say more about me than the popcorn.
By Cinabar

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