22 May 2016

BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza from @PapaJohnsUK (by @NLi10)

There is nothing that symbolises games night more than delivery pizza.  When Papa John (himself) asked us if we wanted to try the new variety of BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza we jumped at the chance and invited a few friends round.  We'd barely cracked into the cards when the delivery arrived.

We'd asked for an XXL Pizza of the new variety and a regular veggie one to go with it.  We ended up with two large pizza which is OK  - but we did have to immediately put some garlic bread in the oven (which kind of defeats the object of delivery...).  As there were 5 of us we would have 4 slices each, if we'd realised in advance I'd have ordered a second one to come too!

Here in all it's spirally magnificence is the pizza.  It has a sauce that looks like regular BBQ but is sweeter and has cola in it.  Im not sure whether this counts as a caffeinated pizza - but I'm sure when I have a whole one to myself we will find out.

The beef brisket itself is small and potent, but maybe a little less of the focus of the pizza than I was expecting.  With the double meat offerings you get a lot more topping by quantity, but on balance I felt it worked well.

Naturally the vegetarian didn't participate in the voting (she had 4 slices of The Greek which is spicy with olives and feta).

Here we have two thumbs up, and two thumbs sideways.  Not a terrible result for a pizza that wasn't chosen to suit their tastes.  Leaving me til last the comments were:
  • Nice but a bit too sweet for my taste (sideways)
  • I had a better Beef Brisket pizza last week (sideways)
  • I liked it but I'm not really a fan of beef on a pizza (up)

The pizza one of our group preferred to this was actually a Chicago Town cook at home pizza that focused more on chunks of meat.  Rest assured this will be sought out for review.  As a pizza for a group to share though it came out OK.  The thing was - two of the meaty tasters actually preferred The Greek veggie option due to it's spicy tangs and strong olive flavours.  I think I maybe should have chopped up the included chilli for them to add to the BBQ, but it just shows that there are plenty of options on the menu and when people get to choose they do find one they like best.

I however quite liked it - it wasn't as filling as I'd hoped (but then I can eat a large PJ to myself in one sitting so that's not too shocking) but it was a good satisfying flavour.  The meat was quite dense and crispy even though it wasn't that numerous.  The sauce really was the star though and if this was available in a squirt bottle like ketchup I think it'd find a fair few fans.

Overall I really enjoyed it and am happy we got the chance to try it out.  Snacks were required, but we were always going to have those anyway.  Any other take-away providers that want 4-6 players to eat & tweet about their latest releases should get in touch!

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