19 May 2016

Nesquik Milk Slice - Chocolate Flavour (by @NLi10)

Over in Europe there is a premium for snack foods that don't melt. Here we have a cake bar based around the powdered milk-shake flavour from my childhood Nesquik.

You get four stickered together and the ones on the outsides are a little damaged compared to the ones in the middle.

Inside they look like this.

Bunny hieroglyphics, a relic from a forgotten age. Looks a bit like he has vampire teeth too, the history books gloss over that fact. It's very soft and spongy and its decently cakey.

Inside we have a chocolate creme - exciting enough to make you want to eat all the bits that stuck to the wrapper, but maybe not the main event it could be.

While I enjoyed this it was a little less filling than I'd hoped for and didn't taste particularly like milkshake. If there is a red flavoured one then I should like to try that, but I think I'd rather have a wafer or the milka cake bar with the choc chips than this.


Sarah said...

I really like the milk centered version of this, but none of the Nesquik slices are a patch on Kinder Pingui.

cinabar said...

Difficult to find those in the UK though :-(