11 May 2016

New Aero Caramel Mousse (BHS) [By @SpectreUK]

I have to admit that I haven’t had an Aero bar for ages, not that I dislike them, because I’ve always enjoyed their chocolatey bubbly goodness, but I haven’t seen an Aero advert for years and used to like watching them on TV. They used to remind me that there are other chocolate bars on the market. This new Aero Caramel Mousse reminded me with a chocolately bubbly caramelly (I know… sorry!) reminder. You see, some people (okay… Cinabar) may say that caramel in chocolate bars is boring as she likes fillings that are a bit more whacky in her. Well dress me up in a three piece brown tweed suit and call me boring, because I like caramel and I’m proud of it! Besides, this is Caramel Mousse, which is different to runny caramel isn’t it? On pealing back the wrapper I found raised and rounded blocks of chocolate in a bar (see photograph).

There was a decent smell of chocolate and caramel on opening the wrapper. There was the traditional bubbly Aero chocolate at the bottom of the bar with aerated caramel mousse inside the top of the block.

The bar tasted of pure bubbly Aero milk chocolate to start with then a smooth Caramel flavour joined in and transported me on joyful chocolatey bubbles through to the aftertaste. It comes in a resealable wrapper stating half a bar as a serving of 97 calories, with 5.9g of fat, and 9.6g of sugar. I ate the whole bar and it was very nice indeed. This is a treat for any chocolate and caramel bar lover, and definitely not boring.
By Spectre

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