27 May 2016

Ugly Unsweet Water Grapefruit & Pineapple (@uglydrinks) #GlugUgly [By @Cinabar]

When Ugly Drinks asked if we wanted to try their new soft drink range I was struggling to get passed the name. Why would you call your drinks Ugly? I guess it stands out as a brand name… but that is all I’ve got.
Soft drinks usually fall into two categories, sugary or artificially sweetened. I tend to go for the artificially sweetened, but Ugly Drinks adds a third category to the market, not sweetened at all. As I’d picked Grapefruit And Pineapple I was starting to imagine the drink might be very sharp. Please keep in mind these drinks don’t cheat by being sweetened by fruit sugars either, they are calorie free.
I pulled away the neat foil lid and popped the ring pull to an effervescent fizz. I poured out the clear drink, and noted that it was pleasingly bubbly. I took a sip and the flavour was a little strange, but very pleasant. As promised there was no sweetness, just a lovely light hint of very natural tasting fruit flavours. They were light enough not to be sharp, but strong enough that you knew what they were about.
You know when you pick up one of those bottles of mineral water with a “hint of strawberry” or whatever and when you sip it, it tastes oh so sweet and screams artificial fruit? Well, I guess Ugly Drinks made theirs how you would have wanted that to taste. Water, with a proper hint of fruit, and nothing nasty, just a genuine hint of nice natural flavour. It might take a couple of sips for you to become accustomed to the taste, but it so very refreshing both in terms of flavour and innovation of ingredients.
By Cinabar

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