7 May 2016

Young’s Special London Ale (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I haven’t been to our capital city for a couple of years, but always enjoy a trip there to the Palace, Marble Arch, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the London Eye, amongst other attractions. I do like a trip on the tube too, which is certainly a quick way around the sights. This Young’s Special London Ale has a hefty 6.4% volume and the crazy London collage on the label reminded me of many a visit. The label states that this ale is both rich and malty, with a sweet fruity taste and spicy hop finish. It made my mouth water thinking about it. Not only that, but the label on the back stated that there are two ways to drink it. It can be drunk cloudy or poured carefully to avoid the yeast sediment muddying up the ale. Well, never one for being careful, I popped open the bottle and dumped the lot into my waiting beer mug. There was certainly a rich malty smell on opening the bottle and the cloudy golden almost amber ale filled my beer mug with a glorious creamy head on top. On taste there was the initial malted barley richness the label promised followed by the candied fruity undertones and a blinding spicy finish from the hops. This is a good strong ale and I could taste the alcohol once the malty goodness had passed onto the hoppy finish. Mmm… lip smacking, perfect after a sunny day in the garden toiling away with the fork at the veggie patches. Or for a knees-up if you’re out drinking with Mother Brown!
By Spectre

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