5 May 2016

Milka Cake & Choc via Ryan Air (by @NLi10)

So now we are flying back from Spain, but as its a bank holiday and Ryan Air are involved we are already looking at a one hour delay meaning that while it's not lunch time yet we will certainly need to eat in the air again. Luckily they have nice ice cold vending machines at Madrid airport.

Once on board we see that the tapas box is a euro cheaper than it was on Norweigan Air, but it's missing the cheese and the lovely meaty chunks.  The other bits look like sliced sausage instead of strips of ham too. We made the correct call.

We selected the cheapest water, and two smiley cake and choc bars.

I love how stuff inflates as the cabin pressure drops, my inner ears don't enjoy it so much.

Once you pop your smiley bag your find a fairly ordinary cake bar. It's a little larger than a Kippling portion though.

Inside we have both soft and harder choc sections giving that crucial variety in texture that I crave. The flavour of the choc is strong enough to overcome the altitude, but the cake isn't so much.  It's enough to keep us sated and to resist the charms of the Ryan Air flight crew and their deals.

The water was uneventful but very welcome during the 2 hour flight.

The view is much better than on the way over, maybe the flight was delayed so that we missed the clouds.

The Milka cake bar was a good snack, but at 2 Euro from a machine a little more expensive than I'd have liked. I think that you could get a whole strip for that price in a supermarket!

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Unknown said...

Did you try the dessert snack from the vending machine that is first item in the second row down from the top? I did and I am trying to remember what it was/name/brand... anything to identify.