16 May 2016

7Up Free Mojito (Boots) [By @Cinabar]

I don’t think I can remember in all the time og writing this blog (8 years) there being a limited edition flavour 7Up released at any time in the UK. I do know if you search you can find Cherry 7Up, but that is usually as good as it gets, and that has been out for a long time.
Consequentially I as very intrigued to find a new flavour in the meal deal in Boots. It sounds like it is aiming itself at the grown up market as it is named after the Mojito cocktail, although it is still a soft drink, and sugar free too.
The 7Up Free Mojito is fairly subtly packaged, although the bottle cap is a different colour I still think you could pick it up and not have noticed until you tasted it. Particularly if you were in rush during a work lunch break.
The drink, like a Mojito, is heavily flavoured with garden mint and this works really well with the lemon and lime flavour. The mint taste is unmissable giving a lovely cooling fresh herby taste to the drink and it is a lovely addition. The citrus taste is still strong, but it benefits from the twist of mint, making it feel like a soft drink aimed at adults.
This is a refreshing drink. I imagine if you can find a larger bottle it would be perfect shared in glasses with a sprig of actual mint, while someone battles trying to fire up the barbecue. Perfect for the summer.
By Cinabar

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