13 May 2016

Passion Fruit Eclairs (Marks & Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

We popped into Marks and Spencer with the hope of finding a treat for dessert. We were looking for something fresh and summery, and of course Marks didn’t disappoint. They had many lovely looking goodies to choose from, but I decided on these Passion Fruit Eclairs. They sounded like they had a nice twist on a classic pastry treat.

The icing on them is yellow, and they are ornately decorated with a mini swirl of white chocolate on the choux pastry which makes them look quite smart. I took my first bite, and the flavours weren’t quite what I was expecting. There was definitely a lot of passion fruit, but if anything it was slightly tart and not the sweet treat I’d been hoping for. I investigated a bit further, the icing on the top was sweet, but it was the fluffy creme filling was what added the acidic sharpness. It was flavoured with passion fruit, but not in a fun sweet fruity way.
The pastry itself was a nice texture, soft but firm enough to hold it's filling. The icing on top was soft enough for your teeth to sink straight into it, the filling was lovely and light and soft, the flavour was a bit more full on.
After a couple of mouthfuls I found the flavour was growing on me, it was zingy and fresh, and probably a good dessert for a hot day. You just need to keep in mind the expected sugary blast was countered by some strong fruity flavours.
By Cinabar

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