20 May 2016

Bounty Bar Coconut Spread (Morrisons) [By @Cinabar]

This jar of Bounty Spread arrived with our online order. I looked at it curiously, as I would have thought a Bounty spread would have chocolate in it. A Bounty bar consists of a soft coconut filling and a thick coating of milk chocolate, but this was just coconut. I would say that the chocolate element of the Bounty was significant enough to warrant being represented, so I had a bit of disappointment when looking at the jar.
Next there was a quandary, what do you spread Bounty Coconut Spread on? I couldn’t picture what it would work on. Coconut on toast just sounded weird, actually everything I though of sounded weird. I was more guided by what was on the shelf, and I popped a Giant Crumpet in the toaster and waited. The next issue was butter or no butter? I went no butter, which turned out to be the right choice.

The spread wasn’t that solid and thus spread quite easily, it seemed to melt a little on the hot crumpet and go slightly glossy. I could see the flecks of real coconut in it too. Finally the taste test, oh my word this stuff is good. It is sweet, creamy, and has the most gorgeous rich coconut taste. It is so soothing and smooth, and so much better than the centre of a Bounty, and I say that as someone who loves a Bounty bar. I’m not sure how they did it but they created something quite magic here. It really doesn’t need any added chocolate.
At least I’ve answered the question; what do you put Bounty Coconut spread on? The answer is everything, toast, crumpets, scotch pancakes, waffles, digestive biscuits even - we’ve never finished a jar of spread so quickly!
By Cinabar


paulham said...

All that palm oil isn't good for you.
However, if you want to carry on in the same vein, the Biscoff spreads with the cinnamon flavour are so moreish!

cinabar said...

Not a lot on this blog is good for you! :-D