31 May 2016

New Popcorn Cappuccino (@CostaCoffee) [By @Cinabar]

We have been visiting Wales so I ended up trying this new Costa Popcorn Cappuccino drink in Cardiff, which is not my regular branch. I have to say my first thoughts of the Costa in Cardiff was that somebody really aught to be sent round to clear tables, there were empty tables but all were stacked with used cups and plates, the place wasn’t even that busy. We ended up clearing our own table and stacking those cups on plates on another semi-full table. I’d really expect more from a branch of Costa, it was just such a contrast to the Costa we usually use which is immaculate.
Anyway the staff on the till were friendly enough and seemed excited about their new Popcorn Cappuccino. I liked the cocoa dusted palm tree on the top too. The drink is made with a glug on Monin Syrup, which are the ones I buy for home use as they are such good quality. I didn’t even know they made a popcorn flavour syrup, so this was all new to me.
I took a sip of the Popcorn Cappuccino and rather enjoyed it. It does taste of popcorn, but surprisingly isn’t too sweet. The creamy nature of the flavour is the most predominant and it works nicely with the frothy milk making a very soothing drink. It is sweet enough and does a nice job of recreating a popcorn flavour, that ends up working rather well with a rich coffee taste. I know they put a palm tree on the top but popcorn doesn’t seem that summery to me? The latest Tic Tac flavour is popcorn, so it might be becoming one of the trend flavours of 2016, time will tell I guess. I’m still going to enjoy this drink while I can, as I think it might be a Limited Edition.
By Cinabar


Helen said...

I tried this flavour. I agree that it's a bit of an odd summer choice. Saying that though, it had a nice savoury flavour, I thought quite almondy?

cinabar said...

Nutty yes, but I didnt think it was in a marzipan way.