1 June 2016

Pink Grapefruit Marmalade (Brown&Greens, Trentham) [By @SpectreUK]

This Pink Grapefruit Marmalade was produced by British Artisan. I hadn't heard of Pink Grapefruit Marmalade before, and noted its innovation whilst wondering around the store. To be honest I don't eat much jam. It's rare I'll have toast and jam, or eat anything else you can put jam on like crumpets, scones and Welsh Cakes. Not that I don't have a sweet jammy tooth, as I do like a full English breakfast when I'm on holiday and always have toast and strawberry jam or marmalade on the side. Having said all that I do head straight for the damson jam if we do have toast or thick crusty bread and jam for pudding occasionally. On this occasion Cinabar and her mom were away on holiday and I'd run out of bread. Not being energetic enough to pop in the local store, the first thing to hand was a half eaten packet of digestive biscuits I'd been munching the previous couple of nights. So I decided that I'm starting a craze; it's official as digestive biscuits just aren't very interesting on their own, but I'd spent two nights finishing a jar of coconut spread on them. That really worked remarkably well, and so to the Pink Grapefruit Marmalade on digestive biscuits! Bear with me...

There was a strong smell of pink grapefruit and lemon on opening the jar, there was also the sugary sweetness of a rich marmalade. Excitement started to build as I placed seven biscuits face down on a plate and began to dollop large blobs of dark pinkish yellowish gooey marmalade on the back of each digestive. The diced lemon skin was quite long and thick on each biscuit. I couldn't help but put a cheeky dollop in my mouth once I'd finished with preparing the biscuits. Mmm... Wow! The sourness from the pink grapefruit hit my tastebuds first, quickly followed by the sourness of the lemon as the two battled and intertwined in my mouth, speedily parted towards the aftertaste by the granulated sugar. This is probably the best most tasty and unusual marmalade I've ever eaten. It will be difficult to go back to boring orange now. The biscuits added a different taste sensation altogether. The marmalade helped to bring out the distinctive digestive biscuit flavour as the pink grapefruit battled with the lemon for sourness and the sugary sweetness then dominated the two fruits rather than calmed them down. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at another digestive biscuit the same way again...

Information on the label;
355g jar. Ingredients included; pink grapefruit, whole lemon and granulated sugar. Prepared with 52% fruit per 100g, with a total sugar content of 67% per 100g.
By Spectre

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