27 June 2016

Marley Spoon Artichoke and Chorizo Paella [By @Cinabar]

We were the recent recipients of a Marley Spoon meal box. They send you all the ingredients you need in measured portions in order to make an easy mid week meal. We had all the ingredients for Artichoke and Chorizo Paella sent to us to try out.
Now this came with a few interesting issues, number one it had a tin of artichokes, not an ingredient we've ever purchased before. Number two was that the rice was just that dried rice, so this was being made from scratch.
On the good side there was chorizo sausage, and clear instructions which were a bonus.

In fact to start the process we started off by frying the chorizo and immediately the spices were released and the aroma was amazing. The oil from the chorizo mixed with the extra we added and ended up being the key flavour in the paella, it was like a magic ingredient. I can’t tell you how fabulous the meat and paprika scents were.

The artichokes weren’t quite as complex as they looked, once drained and out of the tin they just got chopped and cooked easily enough with everything else in the pan. The rice too, once the measured amount of water and stock were added it all came together perfectly, the rice absorbed the water and the texture was spot on.
There wasn't an empty plate at the table, so this meal was a complete success. The chorizo made it, each piece was a complete pleasure to eat. We had a really tasty dinner and enjoyed experimenting with a recipe we wouldn't have ordinarily tried.  We discovered that making paella from scratch wasn't as complicated as we first thought and that tinned artichokes are definitely something I'll be buying again.
By Cinabar

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