22 June 2016

Hayward's Hot & Spicy Onions (Morrison's)

I've tried a few hot and spicy pickled onions on my lunchtime and evening eclectic meals, so much so that I find it quite dull to eat normal pickled onions now. Routing around for alternatives to my usual favourites, Cinabar found these Hayward's Hot & Spicy Onions. They have black peppercorns, pink peppercorns and the dreaded dried Bird's Eye Chillies floating around amongst the Silverskin pickled onions. On opening the jar I was expecting to duck from a ball of fire shooting out from the top. Fortunately the hot and spicy pickled onions stayed where they were, albeit menacingly staring back at me. There was an almost soothingly sweet pickled smell of onions followed by a lightly peppery chilli smell that tickled my nose hairs. I was feeling quietly confident. I took one out of the jar on a teaspoon and bravely popped it in my mouth, instantly feeling quite stupid. There was the initial sweetness of the pickled onion, but also the fire from the Bird's Eye Chillies with a subservient flavour of pepper afterwards. This fire keeps pumping like an angry hornet stinging at the sides of my mouth. I noticed I'd also broken into a sweat. This was from one hot and spicy onion. Time for some more... :-)

Information on the jar
210g drained, per 100g there are 0.6g of fat, 11.7g of sugar, and 0.88g of sugar. Ingredients included; Silverskin onions, black peppercorns, pink peppercorns, dried bird's eye chill, barley malt extract, barley malt vinegar, firming agent; Calcium Chloride, and preservative; Sodium Metabisulphite.
By Spectre

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